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Manage your money smarter than a bank.
Spend wisely and pay different with aircrex. Skyrocket your financial goals and make your money work for you not the other way round.
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The all-in-one banking app that optimises your finances.
Simply link all your favorite banks to our app.
Forget complex, stuffy financial data, hello aircrex!
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Slay your saving goals without even trying.
Supercharge your money goals to the next level! No matter how big or small, make your ambitions a reality.
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Say hi to your AI buddy Rex – your personal assistant.
You are in control. Zoom in on your finances and make the easy switch to better spending habits. Rex will keep you on top of upcoming payments and throw shade when you overspend. Just like someone you know might do but without the nag, and yes, 100% sass.
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Stay on top of your money, uncover your spending habits and gain greater control over your finances.
Get real-time alerts and great insights into your daily spending.
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Omnipay™ your bills and manage your upcoming payments effortlessly.
Now you can pay and keep track of your bills on the app powered by AI. With aircrex, you only need to use one app to send money because you can, like a boss!
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We empower the ‘brokest’ generation to reach financial independence now.
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Obsession Community.
Finance and money can be hella boring and often confusing. But, it doesn’t have to be! Get amongst juicy topics, helpful guides and ask all of your financial questions from our global tribe of Air Warriors 🔥

Let’s make money all about freedom, security and confidence – aka living your best life!
Why aircrex?
We treat our customers as fellow humans – unique and incredible individuals navigating their way on this planet the best they can. We value this and strive to make it simple for everyone to access, and understand their financial information. Because knowledge is power, and with that power we can realise our full potential to kick our goals out of the park!
AI Intelligent planner working behind the scene to optimise your data.
AI and human support when you need us most.
Your bank data is fully secured with bank-graded encryption.
High performance data analytics, turn insights into action.
Be one of the first to unlock all our benefits and become superhuman.
Reach for the sky with aircrex. Coming soon!
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