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Online Marketplace - an innovative platform for retailers and customers.

Find your local stores on our platform for instant purchase anywhere, anytime through our integrated payment system.

Power of AI.
Meet Alex, your personal assistant.

Alex knows your favourite shop, your EDM music and that upcoming bill you may have forgotten about. Let Alex help you smash your financial goals effortlessly.

Power of AI
Bank connect

We connect your bank accounts with your authorisation, analyse the transactions and predict future spending patterns.

You can also be sure your details are kept incredibly safe - more thanks to our Bank Graded Security and the Auto Categorisation.

Make savings, smash goals with our easy peasy dashboard.

Stay on top of your money with custom dashboard designed by MIT Data Scientist that gives you better financial decision.

your Dashboard

Explore different ways to

Step 1

Slice it

Yay! Slice it into bite size payments within 2 months, you like that flexibility? Like any other financing options, this helps with managing your cash inflow and outlow. (Interest charges may apply).

Step 2

Shop, and set up the payment on your preferable terms.

aircrex gives you the option of paying in 7, 14 or 30 days after your purchase. Payments are automatically charged according to your choice. Hassle free!

Step 3

Stalk it.

Track your purchases, make payments, snooze a transaction for 10 days.

Example about Crex Premium

Go further with aircrex Premium - Tip yourself, put money aside.

Reward system with xcoin on every purchase you make.

Obsession Community.

Send anonymous questions, secret, complaints, pretty much anything and get advice and answers from the most powerful community. Money can be about joy, security and confident.


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